Is it cool being sober?

Everybody who has chosen to live a clean lifestyle or joinaddiction recovery has experienced moments when they believe their decision isout of the ordinary. Given that mainstream society frequently supports and evenencourages drinking, gambling, and a variety of other vices as ways to unwindfrom a hectic modern world, it shouldn't come as a surprise. It's also likelythat you believed sobriety to be dull while you were still using and hadtrouble understanding how someone could have a life without using.

However, the reality is that staying sober is now seen to be hip. Here'swhy:

- When you are clean, all the time and energy you used tospend on substances—going out, procuring your drug of choice, recuperating fromhangovers and regret—can be used topursue personal interests. It's cool to know someone passionate aboutsomething, whether it be sports, the environment, health and beauty, art, oranything else.

- More quality timeis available for relationships. With all of this extra leisure, you nowhave more time for socializing with loved ones. Being sober vastly enhances thevalue and depth of your relationships because you show up when you say youwill, can make and keep plans, and can make and keep promises. Because youaren't out getting intoxicated with your buddies and forgetting everythinganymore, you may develop better, more satisfying connections with those aroundyou.

- You seem wonderful.Regardless of how much you weigh, if you are sober, you will undoubtedly lookand feel better. Your skin is also fresher and brighter. Most likely, you'veincreased your exercise routine and reduced your intake of high-calorie snacks.No dark circles and fewer wrinkles result from improved sleep and a sloweraging process. Being sober helps you maintain a physical state of health thatmakes you shine. Even one binge drinking episode can have a severe impact onyour health.

- Your pastimes arefascinating. Alcohol-free individuals enjoy engaging pastimes. You engagein activities like going to yoga classes, creating crafts out of recycledmaterials, or reading thought-provoking novels about which you may subsequentlyhave stimulating discussions. You enjoy learning new, exciting things to do,like cooking elaborate meals or rock climbing. You enjoy having a good time(and remembering it), or perhaps having something to brag about at the end ofthe evening. You do possess funds. Money savings are a benefit of sobriety.Just consider how much money you would have otherwise wasted on parties and howmuch you could now utilize that money for! With your newly acquired cash, youcan do some cool things, like taking day trips to the next city, buying a newcar or bicycle, or treating yourself to a delicious meal at a brand-newrestaurant. You stay competitive and have access to intriguing chances when youare more financially solid.

- You're a fighter.There isn't much more difficult than getting and maintaining sobriety, asanyone in recovery will attest. Being sober makes you tough because it allowsyou to face your fears and uncertainties, confront your past, and triumph overyour addiction.

- You are driven topursue your goals and have a clear mind. Nothing is more seductive than aman or woman who pursues their desires. Being sober grants you the mentalclarity to identify your goals and the motivation to work toward them. Ifyou're sober, you're much more likely to pursue your goals and succeed, whetheryou want to start a blog, complete a 5K, launch a new business, or return toschool.

- By doing uncoolthings, you are not humiliating yourself. comparable to text messages sentafter drinking or driving. What I did the night before cannot be asked. Beingthe life of the party—or rather, being intoxicated, boisterous, and over thetop—is not acceptable once you're sober, you realize. Also not acceptable areepisodes of mild to moderate amnesia, passing out in strange settings, orlosing all of your money. You support others. A very egotistical disease,addiction can be. Your genuine interest in other people increases when you'resober. To lend a helping hand, you are more energized. You pay closer attentionto other people's wants and feelings. You visit your sick friend with a goodmovie and cough drops rather than encouraging them to go out nonetheless. Toassist people to improve, you draw on your background and expertise. It's greatwhen someone lends a helping hand out of consideration and caring.

- In yourself, youhave faith. You have put in the effort to learn to feel at ease with whoyou are after a period of sobriety. One of the sexiest qualities a person canhave is confidence. Someone who has made the decision to live a sober life anddoes so successfully is the only one who has the right to feel confident inthemselves.

The Benefits of Sobriety Go Beyond Cool

Aside from the fact that being sober is cool, it's also truethat sober people tend to be among the most empathetic, alluring, andfascinating individuals. Being sober can feel out of place in today's society,especially for young adults. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways that stayingsober makes you a better person to be around:

- You can improveboth your mental and physical health by staying sober.

- You never have ahangover, get good sleep, or poison your body with toxins.

- You are moreconsiderate in both your words and deeds, which makes you a wonderful friend.

- You no longer usedrinks and drugs to mask your worries or fears, so you are in touch with whoyou are. You'll be able to project an incredibly attractive confidence thanksto this.

- You are a strong,capable, and enthusiastic person.

Recovery encompasses more than just quitting using drugs andalcohol; it's a way of life centered on happiness, health, and maximizing one'spotential. There is support available if you or someone you know needsassistance quitting drugs or wants to learn more about how to live a soberlife. You might look back on being sober as your wisest move.

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