Who wrote aa living sober book?

The author of the bookLiving Sober, Barry L. Sober, who became sober in 1952, discussed the 12traditions in 1968. This helpful book provides clear examples of how A.A.members live sober daily lives all across the world.


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You can now contactLiving Sober at noon (PST) every day, Monday through Friday, when before it wasonly available in San Francisco. Living Sober is sort of an introduction toother AA fundamentals, including sponsorship, avoiding the first drink, andtaking sobriety one day at a time, if you're interested in learning more aboutAA.


Ultimately, the AAgroup realized that it wasn't AA's to have anything of great worth or take partin something so contentious. I'll stop talking about the story in general nowand focus on Bary L., a crucial figure in our AA journey.


A Freethinker inAlcoholics Anonymous, written by John L for AA Beyond Belief, reviews LivingSober. My present Boston group was once called "Atheists andAgnostics." Barry worked for A as an AA writer throughout his sobriety,recording and reporting on many of the earliest reports of the General ServiceConference.


Those of you who regularlyattend AA meetings should make sure copies of Living Sober are constantlyavailable on the literature table. It explains the techniques for maintainingsobriety created by AA members following the release of the Great Book in 1939.Joe scored 26. You should read THE BIG BOOK COMES ALIVE's Charlie's Journey toRecovery for both your recovery and that of your friends.


The text isessentially a summary of AA (more for those who are already sober than thosewho are just getting sober) and makes no mention of a higher power, impotence,or spirituality—aspects of AA that many find discouraging—other than in theappendices and summaries of other AA publications.


The followingactivities are encouraged in every effective addiction treatment program, yet themajority of those with substance use problems don't attend therapy or AAmeetings. The oldest and longest enduring LGBTQ+ AA (and Alanon) convention inthe world adopted the name Living Sober after the book.

The literature chosenby the A.A. Conference is frequently used in the walk-in, face-to-face A.A.meetings. The A.A. General Service Conference has given its approval for theLiving Sober book, which is published by A.A. World Services.


A few inquirieswere made regarding the AA Living Sober book. 


The Living Sober texthas been available to AA members ever since it was initially released in 1975by AA World Services. It is a book that details techniques for maintainingsobriety that AA members created after the Big Book was released in 1939. BarryL., an AA member who began attending meetings in the middle of the 1940s, wrotethe Living Sober book.


Barry solicitedfeedback for the book from numerous AA members who had maintained long-termsobriety. In light of this, the Living Sober text captures the experiences ofmany AA members. Each of the 31 chapters in it discusses a sobriety technique.


For instance, chapterthree discusses the 24-Hour Plan, which explains how, for many AA members,adopting the mentality of "taking it one day at a time" was morebeneficial than "signing a lifetime promise to stay clean," which wasa prevalent strategy in the 1930s when the Big Book was created. The "aday at a time" method wasn't included in the Big Book because it was createdby AA members after the publication of the Big Book.


The Big Book stillexists in addition to the Living Sober text. The 12 Step method is explained inThe Big Book's first 164 pages, and the book's back stories include testimoniesfrom AA members who have followed the 12 Steps.


The Living Sober textemphasizes at the outset that it is offering strategies rather than a 12-Stepprogram to be followed from A to Z or 1 to 12, as is the case with the BigBook. The text, Living Sober, is secular and is packed with simple yet effectivemethods for achieving and maintaining sobriety.


Which book should Iread first was another query I got. Oh my, that's a difficult question. This isbecause the Living Sober text focuses on offering techniques to help peopleavoid taking their first drink, which for many people is the biggest challengeof early sobriety. Maybe just skim both? The Living Sober text advises readersto read it slowly, although some claim that in the early stages of sobriety, itis preferable to read it all at once and then go back and re-read the partsthat most directly relate to their circumstances.


Meetings for thisgroup are held online. To achieve this, the Living Sober text is madespecifically available online for use by group members listed on the group'smeeting schedule. Says AA World Services:


"Literature thathas been accepted by the A.A. Conference is copyrighted with the Library ofCongress's Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. Permission to republish must berequested in writing from A.A.W.S. to preserve the ongoing integrity of A.A.material and to ensure that the A.A. program won't be diluted ormisrepresented. A.A. newsletters, bulletins, or meeting lists, however, havegeneral permission to use the content as long as full attribution is given to maintainthe copyrights of A.A. literature."


-Reprinted from A.A.World Services service material


Please do not believethat just because any of the content on this website, such as the Living Sobermaterial, is offered as a service to the group, it automatically grants youpermission to reproduce or use it in any way. This content is published by AAWorld Services, Inc. The original publisher still holds all rights.

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