Why do i enjoy being sober?

A significant component of the treatment for addictionrecovery is learning new methods to experience joy. Learn tips on how to staysober while enjoying your life!

You've probably heard the phrase "just take it one dayat a time, and if necessary, one minute at a time" if you've alreadystarted your recovery path with detox, therapy, or 12-step groups. This issound counsel since, as is well known, maintaining sobriety is not alwayssimple for those who are addicted.

The ups and downs of recovery can occasionally cause someoneto declare, "I don't like being sober!" But at those moments of annoyanceand anxiety, it's critical to remember the motivations behind your decision toalter your course and become sober in the first place.

The feeling that getting sober may transform one's life inso many ways is one that many people in recovery share. Alcoholics and addictsthink that the only reason they stay sober is to please the people in theirlives—their friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Nothing is more fashionable than waking up pain-free andwith a clear head. I work better, arrive on time, and can typically stay awakewithout a hangover.

Regardless of your opinions, take the time to consider thebenefits of becoming and becoming sober. Just a handful of the benefits ofsobriety include the following:

Your health is better.

You'll get in better shape and lose weight. Sober people notonly feel better about themselves but also look better. Alcohol contains a lotof extra calories, and because they accumulate, they frequently cause a beerbelly, which is not attractive. You will start to lose weight naturally if thesource of those calories is eliminated from your diet.

Addicts and drinkers don't get sick nearly as frequentlybecause they aren't consuming as many chemicals and poisons. Their skin andcolor get better; there aren't any more bags under their eyes, and their facialwrinkles disappear.

Having more time

It takes a lot of energy to drink at a bar or at home, notto mention the time it takes to think about your next drink. Many people'sdaily activities are dominated by this kind of thinking. Sober people now havemore time to spend with their families, explore new hobbies, or enroll inclasses to pick up new skills because they are no longer drinking.

Your bank account now contains more money.

The cost of purchasing enough booze to become wasted everyday is high. You have a lot more cash available without that ongoing drain onmy bank account. With that more cash, you can improve your life by buying newclothes, a house, or taking more holidays (vacations you can remember thanks toliving sober).


With this extra cash, you'll have the freedom to startnumerous new experiences and transform your life as you see fit.

Learn the Values That Matter in Life.

You can lose "friends," commonly referred to asenablers, but you'll quickly learn that those that stick with you and supportyou during your recovery are the ones who truly understand what friendshipmeans. Even if you may have fewer friends now than you did when you weredrinking or doing drugs, your true relationships are stronger and better foryour emotional and mental well-being.

Your mental clarity has improved.

You'll discover that you can concentrate considerably betterand make selections that are unquestionably better. Mental clarity dramaticallyincreases for some people in recovery.

There will be no more overlooking and skipping significantoccasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or dinners. Your capacity to have astimulating conversation without getting buzzed often improves along with yourwork performance.

You can see the important things in life much more clearlyafter the haze of addiction and alcoholism lifts.

Your thinking is no longer perpetually fuzzy. It's likewaking up after a misty day and being able to see the beautiful blue sky.Extend and connect with others who may be going through the same thing insteadof isolating yourself and giving in to feeling bad. Attend a 12-step meeting,look for a sober community online, or get in touch with a sober friend who canrelate.

Your capacity to remember information is impacted bysubstance usage. It can also change your perspective and priorities in life, aswell as your capacity for clear thinking. You won't spend your days wastingtime taking drugs or consuming alcohol once you're sober. You'll be morededicated to living your life and experiencing its beauty.

You won't lose track of significant occasions, memories, orachievements again. You'll recall how enjoyable being sober was and the peopleyou got to spend it with when you woke up. Have you ever been forced to listento a drunk person try to tell a joke, and by the time they get to the finish,no one is laughing?

That is not funny at all, I agree. When I drank one, one ofthe challenges I faced was that I was constantly attempting to regulate myalcohol consumption, which stressed me out and kept me from engaging and havingfun fully.

And rather than taking advantage of my spare time onweekends, I have frequently discovered myself curled up for hours in the fetalposition. Being sober means that you have a lot more options in life becauseyou are no longer constrained by your addiction and can now focus on activitiesthat you truly like.

You can make positive adjustments that can enhance yourlife, make sobriety more exciting, and help you meet amazing individuals whocan make your time in recovery more enjoyable. New friendships with other soberpeople, more chances to indulge in your passions while being mentally clear,and a decrease in the drama and issues that tend to accompany you when it comesto drugs and alcohol are all examples of a better life in recovery.


Will abstinence make me happier? In actuality, the aim ofsobriety is not to be "happy" per se (and let's be honest, not even a"normal person" is happy all the time), therefore if you set the unreasonableexpectation that you would always be happy when sober, you may occasionallyfeel down.

Whether you are sober or not, life may get monotonous.Although there are numerous advantages to a sober living environment, most ofus used to spend quite a bit of work making sure we always had our preferredsubstance available.

The truth is that staying clean is a decision that anyonecan make, and many who do so lead very active, fulfilling lives. You only needto look for them to discover all the different ways you might be happy in yoursober life.

There is something for you to enjoy in your life, whether itbe spending time with your loved ones or taking a walk outside. Please get intouch with us right away so we can help you if you or someone you know needsassistance with staying clean.

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